Silding Door


Thickness75mm / 100mm / 150mm
Surface MaterialS/S / P.V.C / W.C.B / A.L.
Width HeightMin. 500mm – Max. 2500mm Min. 1000mm –Max. 2700mm
Standard SizesW: 900mm x H: 2700mm
Standard Weight120kg (Including accessories)
Door Frame WidthMin. 900mm – Max. 2500mm
Door Frame HeightMin. 1250mm – Max. 2950mm
Door Frame Height1270 x 2150mm
Sliding Door TrackMade in China
Length of TrackMin. 1400mm – Max. 5400mm
Sliding Door Accessories(Equipped in each door; All made in Italy) Inside Handle: 132mm x 610mm External Handle: 70mm x 540mm External Handle Striker: 110mm Frame Nylon Wedge: 22mm Lower Closure Hook Lower Closure Hook Striker RH / LH Rear Register 2.0 RH Plastic Balley (Universal Access) LH Plastic Balley (Universal Access) Sliding Door Key Lock with Microswitch
Heater Ventilator PortsDimension: 150mm x 150mm Voltage: 220V Wattage: 0.036kw
HeaterMade in China / France Length: 6m / 10m Voltage: 220V
Dimensions of Floor UsageWatts: 6m – 0.18kw / 10m – 0.25kw
Waterproof Light Switch50mm width x width of the door
Glass Windows on Door

Accessories (配件)

Ext. Lever Handle

Plastic Pulley

Lock for Sliding Door

Ext. Lever Handle Striker

RH/LH Rear Register

Lower Closing Hook with Caps

Lower Closing Hook

Wedge for Sliding Door

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