PU-Polyurethane Panel

  • The PU Panel is an insulated panel that can be used for temperature control, food & hygiene safe applications within an internal temperature range between -40 °C to +40 °C.
  • The PU Panel resists humidity, mold and bacteria, and is adapted for internal wall or ceiling installations. It is find wide use around the world due to its characteristic to provide maximum thermal insulation.

        Characteristics of the PU Panel:

  • 密度:38-42公斤/平方米
  • 導熱係數(K值):0.020-0.018 k / Cal
  • 能力:1.6公斤/平方米
  • 拉伸強度:> 90 Kpa
  • 剪切強度:> 90 Kpa
  • 最高工作溫度:+60°C
  • 最小工作溫度:-120°C
  • 酸鹼:PH 7
  • 水分含量:≤12%

PU-Polyurethane Panel


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